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Our Work

Direct Mail Fulfillment | Loyalty and Membership Card Personalization | Printing

Since 2003, healthcare ID card fulfillment has been one of the cornerstones of our business. Year after year we are trusted with the daily fulfillment of over 20 separate healthcare lines. Each health plan has a variety of needs, from 24-48 hour turnaround, multiple package versions containing one or two ID cards, to automated daily reporting and up-to-date inventory management.

Daily Healthcare ID Card Program | Two-Sided

This healthcare ID card sample shows an 8.5×11 letter with two areas of laser personalization – member address and doctor location. The plastic ID card is imaged on the front along with the health plan’s specific digital logo. The ID card is also imaged on the back with specific contact and disclosure information. In addition to the two-side card personalization, two magnetic tracks are encoded with member’s name and ID number.

Roadside Assistance Direct Mail Package

This roadside assistance sample shows an 8.5×14 integrated card form with 3 areas of laser personalization – card, letter and reply slip. The kit is fulfilled with a membership benefits brochure, decal, sticker and member rewards inserts.
For over 20 years, we have been the leading direct mail provider for this national roadside assistance client. We manage and fulfill over 100 distinctive acquisition and renewal mailings each month. These mailings range from daily membership kits 250 pieces or less, weekly fulfillment of on-line brochure requests to full scale monthly direct mail solicitations over 100,000.
Non Profit direct mail campaigns can be very complex – variable paragraphs, gift array programming and multiple versions. We understand the fine details of non profit mailings and mail thousands of appeals annually. Whether it is a new member acquisition mailing with 15 variable packages or a small and intricate mailing to your major donors, we can help.

Daily Healthcare ID Card Program

This healthcare ID card sample shows an 8.5×11 letter with the member’s mailing address lasered at the bottom. The plastic ID card is imaged on the front – 11 variable data fields. The letter and card is camera match affixed and inserted into a standard #10 window envelope and mails daily.

Non Profit Direct Mail Campaigns

The Non Profit sample shows a variation of appeals, with and without member cards. Every non profit campaign starts with the data programming of variable paragraphs, gift arrays and package versioning. Then, it moves through the production process – laser personalization, member card imaging with match affixing, inserting up to 6 print components and delivery to the post office.

While we specialize in full direct mail services for membership card programs, we can also assist in various card affixing projects and the personalization of cards only. We can handle a variety of sizes, formats or styles and accommodate a wide range of quantities. These pack & ship jobs follow the same stringent quality control standards as all of our work.

Card and Carrier Affixing

The Card and Carrier Affixing sample shows a variety of work in different industries. In the pharmaceutical markets, we provide full service – printing of materials, DoD card imaging, activation labels, camera match affix, packaging and shipping for warehouse distribution. In the retail markets, some projects require our thermal imaging plus encoding and affixing services while others simply need our card affixing service.

Card Personalization Pack & Ship

The Card Personalization Pack & Ship sample shows our diverse card services – from printing 24 mil UV coated cards, 30 mil laminated cards or combo key tags to high quality card personalization of thermal imaging, embossing, DoD, encoding or barcoding. These jobs utilize one of our many core strengths – plastic card personalization.